Wood, wooden structures, wood-based panels, fibre-cement products

The accredited laboratories of the Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague, SOE (TZÚS Prague), offer tests in the field of wood and wooden structures, a list of accredited test procedures can be found in the table below, in this area TZÚS Prague also offers non-accredited test procedures. If you are interested in services in this area, please contact the branch according to your chosen region, or use the inquiry form at the bottom of the page. Laboratory services are complemented by the offer of the certification body for products.

Regional branches operating in the field:
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The Prague Branch
The České Budějovice Branch
The Ostrava Branch
The Plzeň Branch

ČSN 49 0609 Testing of quality of preservation of wood
ČSN 73 2824-1 Strength grading of wood - Part 1: Coniferous sawn timber
ČSN EN 1058 Wood-based panels - Determination of characteristic 5-percentile values and characteristic mean values
ČSN EN 1075 Timber structures - Test methods - Joints made with punched metal plate fasteners
ČSN EN 1128 Cement-bonded particleboards - Determination of hard body impact resistance
ČSN EN 1170-5 Precast concrete products - Test method for glass-fibre reinforced cement - Part 5: Measuring bending strength, "Complete bending test" method
ČSN EN 1170-6 Precast concrete products - Test method for glass-fibre reinforced cement - Part 6: Determination of the absorption of water by immersion and determination of the dry density
ČSN EN 1170-8 Test method for glass-fibre reinforced cement - Part 8: Cyclic weathering type test
ČSN EN 12467Fibre-cement flat sheets - Product specification and test methods
ČSN EN 1309-1 Round and sawn timber - Method of measurement of dimensions - Part 1: Sawn timber
ČSN EN 13183-1 Moisture content of a piece of sawn timber - Part 1: Determination by oven dry method
ČSN EN 13183-2 Moisture content of a piece of sawn timber - Part 2: Estimation by electrical resistance method
ČSN EN 1328 Cement bonded particleboards - Determination of frost resistance
ČSN EN 1380 Timber structures - Test methods - Load bearing nails, screws, dowels and bolts
ČSN EN 1381 Timber structures - Test methods - Load bearing stapled joints
ČSN EN 1382 Timber structures - Test methods - Withdrawal capacity of timber fasteners
ČSN EN 1383 Timber structures - Test methods - Pull through resistance of timber fasteners
ČSN EN 14080 Timber structures - Glued laminated timber and glued solid timber - Requirements
ČSN EN 14342+A1 Wood flooring - Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking
ČSN EN 14374 Timber structures - Structural laminated veneer lumber - Requirements
ČSN EN 1611-1+A1 Sawn timber - Appearance grading of softwoods - Part 1: European spruces, firs, pines, Douglas firs and larches
ČSN EN 1995-1-1+A1 Eurocode 5: Design of timber structures - Part 1-1: General - Common rules and rules for buildings
ČSN EN 310 Wood based panels. Determination of modulus of elasticity in bending and of bending strength
ČSN EN 317 Particleboards and fibreboards. Determination of swelling in thickness after immersion in water
ČSN EN 319 Particleboards and fibreboards. Determination of transverse tensile strength perpendicular to the plane of the board
ČSN EN 321 Wood-based panels - Determination of moisture resistance under cyclic test conditions
ČSN EN 322 Wood-based panels. Determination of moisture content
ČSN EN 323 Wood-based panels. Determination of density
ČSN EN 324-1 Wood-based panels. Determination of dimensions of boards. Part 1: Determination of thickness, width and length
ČSN EN 324-2 Wood based panels. Determination of dimensions of boards. Part 2: Determination of squareness and edge straightness
ČSN EN 325 Wood-based panels - Determination of dimensions of test pieces
ČSN EN 326-1 Wood-based panels - Sampling, cutting and inspection - Part 1:Sampling and cutting of test pieces and expression of test results
ČSN EN 336 Structural timber - Sizes, permitted deviations
ČSN EN 380 Timber structures. Test methods. General principles for static load testing
ČSN EN 384 Structural timber - Determination of characteristic values of mechanical properties and density
ČSN EN 385 Finger jointed structural timber – Performance requirements and minimum production requirements
ČSN EN 390 Glued laminated timber. Sizes. Permissible deviations
ČSN EN 392 Glued laminated timber. Shear test of glue lines
ČSN EN 408 Timber structures - Structural timber and glued laminated timber - Determination of some physical and mechanical properties
ČSN EN 492 Fibre-cement slates and fittings - Product specification and test methods
ČSN EN 494Fibre-cement profiled sheets and fittings - Product specification and test methods
ČSN EN 594 Timber structures - Test methods - Racking strength and stiffness of timber frame wall panels
ČSN EN 595 Timber structures. Test methods. Test of trusses for the determination of strength and deformation behaviour
ČSN EN 596 Timber structures - Test methods - Soft body impact test of timber framed wals
ČSN EN 789 Timber structures - Test methods - Determination of mechanical properties of wood based panels
ČSN ISO 8335 Cement-bonded particleboards - Boards of Portland or equivalent cement reinforced with fibrous wood particles

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