Chemical analyses and hazardous substances

We work in the following areas:
  • health safety of light industry products
  • hazardous substances in construction products (hygiene, health and environmental protection)
  • hygienic requirements for products coming into direct contact with food and drinking water
  • water and sludge analysis
  • waste analysis, leaching tests
  • hazardous substances in packaging materials
  • ecotoxicity
  • fire technical properties of flammable liquids
  • analysis according to the customer's wishes
In addition to common laboratory procedures, we use the following instrumental methods:
  • atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS)
  • spectrophotometry (UV-VIS)
  • liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  • gas mass spectrometry (GC-MS)

Branch Office operating in the field:

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České Budějovice Branch Office – Testing Institute for Light Industry (ZÚLP ČB)

The Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague (TZÚS Praha, s.p.) also offers special chemical analyses of silicates:

Chemical analyses of silicate and construction materials

Method No. 100603 Determination of components of solvents in coating compounds-GC-MS
Method No. 100604 Determination of phenolic compounds by Spectrophotometry
Method No. 100605-01 Determination of PCB GC - MS
Method No. 100605-02 Determination of PCB GC - MS
Method No. 100605-03 Determination of PBDE GC - MS
Method No. 100607 (ČSN EN 120, ČSN EN 717-1) Determination of formaldehyde-extractable (leachate)-formaldehyde emission by spectrophotometry
Method No. 100608-01 (ČSN EN 71-3) Determination of migration of certain elements – flame AAS
Method No. 100608-02 (ČSN EN 71-3) Determination of migration of Hg - AMA
Method No. 100610 Determination of risk metals (Cd, Pb) in the leachate of acetic acid – flame AAS
Method No. 100611-01 Determination of metals in mineralizate of a sample - flame AAS
Method No. 100611-02 Determination of Hg in mineralizate of a sample - AMA
Method No. 100612-01 (ČSN EN 1811, ČSN EN 12472) Determination of metals in water and aqueous extracts - flame AAS
Method No. 100612-02 Determination of Hg in water and aqueous extracts AMA
Method No. 100663 Determination of the content of vinyl chloride - GC -MS
Method No. 100669 (ČSN EN ISO 7346-2) Determination of the acute lethal toxicity of substances to a freshwater fish
Method No. 100670 ( ČSN EN ISO 6341) Acute toxicity test on Daphnia magna
Method No. 100671 (ČSN EN ISO 8692) Freshwater algal growth inhibition test
Method No. 100672 
Method No. 100613 (ČSN EN 196-10) Determination of CrVI content in cement by spectrophotometry
Method No. 100614 (ČSN ISO 10523, EN ISO 787-9) Determination of pH
ČSN EN 196-10 Determination of CrVI content in cement by spectrophotometry
Method No. 100617 (ČSN 62 1156) Determination of harmlessness of surface finishes by titrimetry
Method No. 100621 Determination of density – by digital hydrometer
Method No. 100622 Determination of colouring and marking mixture - HPLC
Method No. 100624 Determination of ethyl ether extract by gravimetry
Method No. 100625 Determination of sulphate ash by gravimetr
Method No. 100626 Determination of extractable substances by gravimetry
Method No. 100627 Determination of aromatic compounds expressed as styrene by spectrophotometry
Method No. 100629 Determination of compounds with NH2 group by spectrophotometr
Method No. 100630 Determination of primary aromatic amines by spectrophotometry
Method No. 100631 Determination of volatile substances by gravimetry
Method No. 100632 AHEM 24/1986)  
Method No. 100640 Determination of amines after splitting of azo dyes - GC - MS
Method No. 100641 (ČSN EN ISO 8442-1, ČSN EN ISO 8442-2) Determination of corrosion of metallic parts
Method No. 100666 (ČSN EN ISO 2592) Determination of flash and fire point– Open cup method
Method No. 100667 (ČSN 65 0201) Flammable Liquids - Production, processing and stocking areas
Method No. 100660 Determination of volatile organic compounds (VOC)-GC-MS with thermodesorption
Method No. 100664 Determination of specific migration - GC - MS
Method No. 100654 (ČSN ISO 760) Determination of water content by coulometry
Method No. 100655 (ČSN 58 8790) Determination of phosphorcontent in oils and fats by spectrophotometry
Method No. 100659 (ČSN EN ISO 2160) Determination of corrosiveness to copper
Method No. 100619 (ČSN 65 6216) Determination of cinematic viscosity
Method No. 100620 (ČSN 65 6065, ČSN EN ISO 2592, ČSN EN ISO 2719) Determination of flash point
Method No. 100616 Determination of total dissolved and suspended solids by gravimetry
Method No. 100635 Determination of polyaromatic hydrocarbons - HPLC
Method No. 100638 Determination of conductivity with conductometer

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