Technical manuals

Technical manuals are technical documents prepared for construction products listed in Annex 2 to Government Regulation No. 163/2002 Coll., as amended by Government Regulation No. 312/2005 Coll. (hereinafter referred to as GR 312), laying down technical requirements for selected construction products. The technical manuals for the products assessed under Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning construction products (CPR) are marked as void. The technical manuals are the exclusive property of the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing; therefore, any intervention or arbitrary adjustment or use for any other purposes is an infringement of the copyright of the owner.

Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague (TZÚS Praha, s.p.) participates in the preparation of technical manuals and coordinates activities relating to their updates.

Overview of of technical manuals

01. Construction products for concrete and reinforced concrete construction parts
02. Construction products for masonry buildings
03. Wooden construction products and wooden structures
04. Construction products for metal structures
05. Protective thermal insulation materials and products, waterproofing materials, roof coverings and adhesives
06. Construction products made ​​of glass
07. Construction products for sewerage systems and distribution of liquids and gases
08. Construction products for the fixtures and fittings for building openings
09. Special materials, products, structures and equipment
10. Technical equipment of buildings
11. Construction products for interior and exterior finishes of walls, ceilings and floors
12. Construction products for sanitary facilities and other special products
13. Checklists

Technical documents are available only in Czech language for further information please contact Monika Košlerová  (her contact details are provided at the bottom of the page). Thank you for your understanding

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