Fire classification and expert opinions

The PBS Branch provides fire expert opinions, professional opinions and application of the results of tests of construction structures and products for the purposes of certification, building permit processes and occupancy permit processes.

Extended application of the results of fire resistance tests is carried out in accordance with ČSN EN 15269-.. (fire doors); ČSN EN 15254- .. (non-loadbearing structures); ČSN EN 15080-.. (loadbearing structures); ČSN EN 15882-.. (operation installations – sealing of entries, joints and air ducts).

Classification of fire resistance and responses of construction products and structures is carried out in accordance with the European classification standards of the ČSN EN 13501-.. series. Subsequently, construction structures are classified into construction types according to ČSN 73 0810.

Scope of activity:

  • Fire separating loadbearing and non-loadbearing structures (vertical, inclined and horizontal)
  • Fire, smoke-proof and fire smoke-proof enclosures
  • Hoistway doors
  • Fire protective coatings, sprayings and cladding of building structures
  • Sealing systems of cable and pipe entries in fire dividing structures
  • Sealing systems of construction joints
  • Chimneys and chimney liners
  • Air ducts and dampers

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