Transfer of accredited certification

Transfer of accredited certification is the process within the accreditation rules that allows a certified organization to continue with another certification body without disrupting the previous procedure within the certification cycle.

There are different reasons for the transfer of accredited certification, but they primarily include the following:

  • obtaining a different view of your management system by qualified and competent auditors, and receiving output concerning the potential improvement and risks of your management system;
  • negative experience with the services of the previous certification body;
  • unreasonably high costs;
  • unsatisfactory methods of managing and conducting audits, etc.

Transfer to another certification body is free of charge, based on the review of the application and other necessary information; an inspection activity agreement is entered into and, subsequently, a certificate with identical effect to the previous certificate is issued.

An exception is the case where the transfer of accredited certification is conducted within the recertification audit; in such cases, the certificate is issued for a period of three years.

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