Corporate social responsibility (CSR) management system

Based on the requirements of the business community, the Quality Council of the Czech Republic has prepared the National Programme for Conformity Assessment of Corporate Social Responsibility Management System. The standard is applicable to all types and sizes of organizations in both business and the public sector. It respects the basic principles of responsibility, voluntariness, interests and needs of stakeholders, transparency, ethical behaviour, rules of international standards and conduct, human rights, and mutually beneficial activities (the “win-win” principle). Implementation of the requirements of this standard within the management system is one of the prerequisites for sustainable development.

Needs of the client:

  • to be positively perceived by all parties, including the public;
  • to gain a reputation and a consequent strong market position;
  • to contribute to sustainable development;
  • to contribute to the overall improvement of the state of society.

Benefits and advantages:

  • differentiation from the competition – a competitive advantage;
  • greater certainty of long-term profit;
  • sustainable development;
  • creation of new jobs;
  • strengthened credibility;
  • improving the image of the organization;
  • higher attractiveness for investors;
  • strengthening customer and employee loyalty;
  • attracting and retaining good employees;
  • direct savings associated with environmental protection;
  • improving relationships with others;
  • strengthening the corporate culture;
  • opportunities for innovation.

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Head of Department of Management Systems Certification and Department of Marketing, Head of Certification Body 3001, 3140, Head of Verification Body 3179, Product Manager of CQS, Lead auditor of Management Systems
Department of Management Systems Certification and Department of Marketing