Thermographic measurement

Thermal imaging diagnostics enables effective control of surface temperature distribution on building structures, operated electrical equipment or lines, in industry and everywhere where local temperature differences occur in the event of a failure, accident or malfunction.

The most common uses of thermography:

  • location of thermal bridges in building structures (places of heat leakage),
  • search for thermal-humidity faults,
  • leak detection of building structures (preferably in combination with Blower Door equipment),
  • tightness check of underfloor heating distribution,
  • quality control of thermal insulation systems,
  • construction survey before reconstruction of buildings (selection of critical places),
  • inspection of electrical equipment and lines (prevention of accidents and possible fires),
  • inspection of industrial lines and mechanics (elimination of heat losses, heat caused by excessive friction).
  • To ensure an adequate informative value, thermal imaging diagnostics must always be performed under suitable boundary conditions for the given measurement.

The price of this service is very individual and is based on the final scope of the agreed work and the required form of measurement output..

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