Building inspections

Inspection is a systematic form of examination, assessment and expert activity. The principle of inspection activity is examination of the subject of inspection and determination of whether or not it is in accordance with pre-established requirements, e.g., the project, specifications of the investor (i.e., technical and quality requirements, specific technical and quality requirements, etc.), law, government regulation, decree, technological procedure or other requirement of the customer. Within the Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague (TZÚS Praha, s.p.), inspection activities are ensured and controlled by the Inspection and Diagnostics Section via Inspection Body No. 4003, type A, i.e., with the highest degree of independence, which is accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute for the field of construction and elevators, specifically for the inspection of projects; preparation of underground services and performance of both buildings and underground constructions, including their implementation, maintenance, repair, refurbishment and demolition; artificial climbing walls; steel structures; products, manufacturing plants and technologies for construction. In the course of inspection, the inspection body always acts as an independent third party.

Contact person

Ing. Pavel Rubáš Ph.D.

+420 602 115 450
+420 417 719 026
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1st Deputy of Statutory Representative, Head of Branch, Head of Department
Lighting, dustiness, temperature calibration, measurement of natural radionuclides, building acoustics, inspection, management systems
Teplice Branch, Inspection and Diagnosis Department