Department of Management Systems Certification

The Department of Management Systems Certification provides services in certification of management systems in both accredited and non-accredited areas. The offer of the division includes other services, such as verification of ETICS certificate holders, verification of CO2 emissions statements, certification of steel welding, etc. The division organizes seminars and trainings in all these areas.

Services of the Department of Management System Certification:

Certification of management systems       
Verification of CO2 emissions statement
Qualifications of construction contractors
Certification of ETICS implementors     
Certification according to TNI 74 6077
Technical certificates
Trainning courses and seminars

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Department address: Prosecká 811/76a, 190 00 Praha 9 - Prosek

Switchboard: +420 286 019 400

GPS coordinates: 50°7'13.577"N, 14°30'22.447"

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