Department of Technical Assessment

The Department of Technical Assessment is run by the company’s Technical Assessment Body (TAB), which specializes in issuance of European Technical Assessments (ETA).

Services of the Department of Technical Assessment:

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The company’s headquarters and operational divisions are located in Prague. You will find basic contact data of the divisions in the article. The addresses of the headquarters and the operational divisions are the same.

ETA – European Technical Assessment

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Ing. Jiří Studnička
Head of the department

Prosecká 811/76a, 190 00 Praha 9

Switchboard: +420 286 019 400

GPS coordinates:
50°7'13.577"N, 14°30'22.447

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Contact person

Ing. Jiří Studnička, Ph.D.

+420 602 302 929
+420 286 019 445
Head of Department
Department of Technical Assessment (TAB)