Services provided by the Předměřice Branch

The Předměřice nad Labem Branch of the Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague (TZÚS Praha, s.p.) specializes in the following services in particular:

  • concrete, concrete products, tiles;
  • mortars, dry mortar mixtures, repair materials;
  • concrete admixtures;
  • fired and unfired masonry products;
  • fired and unfired roofing products;
  • thermal insulation materials and products;
  • thermal insulation cladding panels;
  • waterproofing materials and products;
  • coatings, thin film coatings, flooring, dispersions, sealants;
  • additional insulation systems;
  • prefabricated and silicate building components;
  • wooden boards and components;
  • steel reinforcement;
  • gully-holes, covers and gratings;
  • aggregate;
  • fibres for concrete.

The branch owns unique facilities within the Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague:

  • QUV Tester
  • UTS Testsysteme
  • LAMBDA 2300 V
  • Clima Temperatur Systeme

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Ing. Vladimír Levinský

+420 605 153 315
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