The Plzeň Branch

The Plzeň (Pilsen) Branch of the Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague (TZÚS Praha, s.p.) provides services in all the main corporate areas, such as product certification, management system certification, building certification, testing of materials, components and structures, building inspections, metrology, and other services. All services are provided directly at the branch or coordinated with other branches or sections of the Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague in the Czech Republic.

The branches of the Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague are located in important centres of the major regions of the Czech Republic and all offer essential corporate services. However, due to location and, particularly, test capacity utilization, they are subject to a certain degree of specialization, providing unique services within the portfolio of the Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague, or even compared to the portfolio of competitors operating in the Czech Republic.

The specialized services provided by the Plzeň (Pilsen) Branch include the following in particular:

  • silicate materials
  • ceramic tile products, ceramic tiles, adhesives for tiles
  • flue systems and components (chimneys)
  • shaped refractory products, unshaped and thermal insulation products
  • products for persons with limited mobility and orientation
  • products for sanitary equipment – washbasins, sinks, bidets, toilet bowls, urinals, shower and bath screens and partitions;
  • testing and assessment of slipperiness of flooring products
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), and life cycle assessment of products (LCA)

All services offered by the Plzeň (Pilsen) Branch can be found here.

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Branch address: Zahradní 15, 326 00 Plzeň

Switchboard: +420 377 243 331

GPS coordinates: 49°44'7.401"N, 13°23'18.632"E

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Ing. Alexander Trinner

+420 602 185 785
+420 382 337 327
Head of Branch
Plzeň Branch