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Activities in research and development

Until 2004, the organization did not perform activities in research and development. During 2004, pic.-organizational measures were taken to create a research, development and innovation section. This section started operating in February 2005.

From 2006 to 2012, six European projects were registered; two three-year projects (Solar Transfer and EracoBuild) were completed, and a new project (Geocluster) was launched. The research, development and innovation section has been active in the European research area for a long period – by leading the CCTP (Czech Construction Technology Platform), it has contributed to activities within the ECTP and E2BA for a long period as the NLP for the Czech Republic, has been active in EurekaBuild I and EurekaBuild II programmes, including organizing international workshops and BE in the Czech Republic, has developed direct international cooperation (BTI Linz, IMBIGS Warszawa), etc. Based on wider involvement of staff from other branches, activities within CZGBC, SBA and others have been further developed.

Important activities have been developed by the research, development and innovation section for a long period in masonry and mixed structures: it is the leading workplace in the Czech Republic, managing the Technical Standardization Centre, presiding over TNK 37, and representing the Czech Republic in CEN/TC 125, CEN/TC 250/SC 6, as well as in AGNB SG 10; it has also been a long-term member of committees for granting doctorates at Brno and Ostrava technical universities, and holds a honorary membership in manufacturer associations, etc. In the past 10 years, before being used in practice, virtually all modern masonry technologies have passed through this workplace (based on tests and subsequent assessment).

Since 2006, 7 large innovation projects have been completed for the following companies: Pichler Wells (AT), Wienerberger CP, a. s., Tondach, s. r. o., LIAS Vintířov, k. s., HELUZ, s. r. o., XELLA ČR, and H+H ČR. Currently, other tasks are being worked on or prepared. Completed projects of European importance include modern masonry technology using polyurethane foam, comprehensive development of new cross-sections of masonry units with integrated insulation, preparation and implementation of Eurocode 6, including the National Annex, important tests of masonry walls and units focusing on seismicity effects, again as modifications to the National Annex of Eurocode 8, dealing with fire resistance of modern masonry technologies, etc. Participation in both national and European pre-normative and co-normative research is ensured in full in selected fields

In addition to masonry and mixed structures, activities are significantly developed especially in the field of cladding and construction systems. Extensive activities have been developed in solving research, development and innovation tasks (e.g. transport construction and technical infrastructure); the institute is also active in both domestic and foreign standardization, and participates in 14 sector groups of GNB CPD, 8 working groups of WG EOTA, and 34 commissions of TNK, CEN/TC or ISO. The organization also operates the unified Technical Standardization Centre. International links of Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague employees are also evidenced by collective and/or individual membership in numerous national and international organizations, such as ENBRI, RILEM, CIB, IABSE and IMS.

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