Quality policy

We are professionals

We are a reliable and trustworthy partner for manufacturers, importers, developers, designers and implementers of buildings, public administration, research and development sector, and other certification bodies and authorized bodies – a partner bringing knowledge and information gained through broad international cooperation and active participation in both EU and Czech institutions and organizations. We actively use our membership in significant national and international organizations and the expertise of our staff to this end.

We guarantee independence, impartiality and high professionalism based on the relevant qualification of our staff, many years of experience and innovative approaches.

We strive to continuously improve the professional level of the services provided. Therefore, we use quality management systems accredited in accordance with international standards, doing our best to continuously increase their effectiveness.

We respect customers

We apply a non-discriminatory, fair and objective approach to all customers. We provide services at the highest professional level, in accordance with the requirements of applicable standards and legal regulations, based on strict adherence to confidentiality and impartiality, in a timely manner and professionally, in order to meet customer expectations.

We support our staff

We are aware that the quality and speed of the services provided primarily depends on our staff. Therefore, we create conditions for the sustained development of our team of professionally qualified staff so they are motivated to continuously improve the professional level of our services. We pay attention to the professional and ethical standards of our employees and we support the development of their qualifications and skills.

We think about the future

Key to our approach is the permanent confirmation of our position as Czech leader and an internationally recognized provider of comprehensive services in the field of conformity assessment, certification, testing and inspection of all areas within our scope of activities in order to provide customers with added value to increase their competitiveness both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

We continuously develop the qualifications and skills of our employees and create our own resources for further development. We place an emphasis on environmental responsibility, use all resources effectively and adhere to the principles of socially responsible behaviour.


Prague, 1 January 2013

Alexander Šafařík-Pštrosz, Director

Jiřina Srbková, Quality Manager

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