TZÚS Praha new website

Dear customers,
We Would like to welcome you to a new website of TZÚS Prague (Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague). Web sites are designed as a user friendly, with an emphasis on services.
In the main menu you will find 6 major categories of services it provides:

  • Product certification
  • Certification of management systems
  • Testing
  • Certification of buildings
  • Metrology
  • Other services

After clicking the different categories you can choose the required service and obtain basic information about it. If you decide for the service, you can contact us by mail, telephone, through the contacts listed in the article or in the footer of individual articles or you can use the contact form, which is located in the footer. A query is always made ​​directly to the person responsible and it is the fastest option that allows you to contact our experts without using email client. The answer to your inquiry is then sent directly to your e-mail.

We hope you will enjoy the new sites.