Authorized metrology centres

Verification of specified measuring instruments is used to detect whether the accuracy of a particular gauge, i.e., the specified gauge, complies with the required metrological properties. The authorized metrology centre issues a certificate of verification, confirming that the gauge meets the requirements of the relevant standard or regulation. The aim is to ensure safety and accuracy for billing and other purposes.

The Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague (TZÚS Praha, s.p.) operates the following authorized metrology centres:

Authorized Metrology Centre K 28 at the TIS Branch

Scope of activities:

  •         water flow meters (DN 15–200 in the range of flow rates from 0.005 to 200 cubic metres per hour for a temperature difference of 2.5– 170 K in the temperature range of 0–180°C)
  •          tension sets for prestressed concrete (from 500 N to 104 kN)
  •          heat and cold gauges and their components (DN 15–200 in the flow range of 0.05 to 200 cubic metres per hour)

Complete range of activities provided by Authorized Metrology Centre K 28 (Decision on Authorization)

Contact person:
Prague Office:
Zdeněk Antoš, Head of Authorized Metrology Centre K 28, email:, phone: +420 286 019 479, mobile: +420 602 894 220

Authorized Metrology Centre K 69 at the Ostrava Branch

Scope of activities:

  •          water flow meters (water meters for cold and hot service water and bulk water meters with nominal diameters from DN 15 to DN 50, in the range of test flow rates from 0.015 cubic metres per hour to 15.0 cubic metres per hour, using the hot and cold water test medium)
  •          liquid medium flow meters as part heat meters

Complete range of activities provided by Authorized Metrology Centre K 69 (Decision on Authorization)

Contact person:
Ostrava Office:
František Moler, Head of Authorized Metrology Centre K 69, email:, phone: +420 595 707 271, mobile: +420 724 337 085

Josef Červenka
Phone.: +420 286 019 478
Mobil: +420 724 067 855
Ing. František Moler
Head of AMS69 Calibration Centre, Management Systems Auditor
Phone.: +420 595 707 271
Mobil: +420 724 337 085
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