Services provided by the Plzeň Branch

The Pilsen Branch performs authorized and accredited activities of the Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague (TZÚS Praha, s.p.) in the following fields and areas:

  • concrete, concrete admixtures, mortars, repair materials, small concrete products (tiles, curbs, precast fences, etc.)., concrete blocks; non-destructive tests, boring, tests at construction sites;
  • concrete reinforcement;
  • aggregates for concrete, mortars, asphalt mixtures and track beds; lightweight aggregate, expanded clays and cinders; fly ashes and fly ash mixtures; backfill and granulated materials, soils;
  • building stone, slabs;
  • silicate materials;
  • brick products, roofing materials, lime products;
  • gypsum products – boards and blocks, composite panels, ceilings;
  • products for sewerage networks and drainage connection pipes, drainage earthenware pipes and pipe fittings;
  • products for external drainage systems, entrance and inspection shafts, gully-hole extensions, concrete pipes and rings;
  • equipment and components sewage treatment plants, septic tanks, grease, oil and oil product traps, tanks;
  • structural solid wood products, structural glued laminated products and other glued wood-based products;
  • building components (silicates, metal, wooden and composite components), structures and buildings, aerated concrete;
  • ceramic tile products, ceramic tiles, adhesives for tiles;
  • external thermal insulation systems;
  • flue systems and components (chimneys);
  • shaped refractory products, unshaped and thermal insulation products;
  • products for persons with limited mobility and orientation;
  • products for sanitary equipment – washbasins, sinks, bidets, toilet bowls, urinals, shower and bath screens and partitions;
  • expert opinions of structures and buildings;
  • chemical compositions, environmental tests;
  • testing and assessment of slipperiness of flooring products;
  • management systems – QMS, EMS and OHS; specific competence (steel structures);
  • training in management systems and production management systems.

Special test procedures:

  • Determination of antiskid properties of all types of flooring
  • Determination of the impermeability of sewer pipes and joints
  • Determination of thermal conductivity at high temperatures (50–1,200°C)
  • Determination of thermomechanical properties of refractory products
  • Determination of the maximum operating temperature of thermal insulation materials
  • Determination of chemical composition and environmental tests
  • Specific tests of ceramic tiles and sanitary ceramics
  • Determination of wear  (abrasion) resistance


Ing. Alexander Trinner
Head of Branch
Phone.: +420 377 244 158
Mobil: +420 602 185 785
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